Under Program, select Create New.

· Enter the Title of the program item - this is the title that appears at the top, as well as in the list program items. (Required field)

· Add an image/icon that represents the program item. This can be an image of a person (speaker) or something else that represents the item. If you do not have individual images for each item, you can use the same image for all of them - such as an event image/logo. If you do not have images, you can instead choose to generate an icon. When uploading an icon the icon should be of equal width and height to avoid distortion, we recommend 300x300px for a good trade off of quality and performance.

· Add a featured image. This image will appear as a background behind the title when you are in the program itself. Featured images needs to be atleast 640x400px in size, and no more than 3 MB in file size.

· Select a start time for the program items. (Required field)

· If you have created Tracks, you can choose to sort the program items under one Track.

· Enter the location of the event, such as a room or building. This is displayed at the details level under time and title at the top in the app.

· In the Description field describe the program item. You can also choose to insert a link and structure the text by making text bold, underlined or italics.

· In Tags you can add a tag, which allows participants to conduct a search in the program for topics that interest them.

· You have the possibility to add a map by typing a street address and city and then selecting Display map in clients. (Not required)

· To insert images, movies or links to information points, you first need to save the program item.