To make a change to a program item, simply click on it.

Once a program item has been created you will be able to add:

  • Linked Information - Create links to Information items under Linked Information. Which is primarily used to link a program item with a speaker or material presented under Information.
  • Multimedia - Here you can insert images and movies that are linked to the program point. To upload movies, follow the guide.
  • 360° images – This is used to display 360 images. It requires that you have the MeetApp VR Viewer installed on your phone for it to work. You can download the app via the link below.

Bulk editing

By selecting multiple program items you can add or remove content in bulk.
With multiple selected program items you have the following bulk actions available.

  • Delete - Permanently delete your selected items.
  • Edit Icons & Images - Apply an icon or featured image to selected items
  • Edit Date & Time - Edit the date and/or time of your selected items, Offset all selected by a certain time
  • Edit tags - Edit tags of your selected items for better organization
  • Assign to Tracks - Add or edit your selected items into tracks
  • Link information - Link information items to your selected items