Click the "Create new item" button in the Information section.

· Enter the Title of the information item - this is the title that appears at the top of a single item and in the list of all information items in the app. (Required)

· Add an image or generate an icon representing the information item.

· Add a featured image. This image will appear as a background behind the heading when you are viewing a single information item.

· If you have created Folders, you can categorize the information items in the different folders.

· Add the description of the information item in the Description field. This can be additional information about the speaker, sponsor, room/location, travel details, etc. You can structure the text using various fonts, italics or bold text, and add hyperlinks as needed.

· You also have the option to add a map by entering a street address and city and then selecting Display map in clients. (Not required)

· To add images, videos, or links to program items, you first have to save the information item before those options become available. 

External – Used to display external websites, YouTube/Vimeo videos, and PDFs.

· Enter the Title for the information item (required)

· Add an image that represents the item. It can be the avatar of a speaker or a company logo. You can also generate an icon using the Icon generator.

Select URL to content if you wish to display an external website or YouTube/Vimeo-film inside the app. Then enter the URL to the page that you want to display.

Select Attach PDF to upload a PDF to be displayed in your app.