Include Image
Mark this check box and upload an image if you wish to have an image displayed in the details view.

In Description, type the main message or a text clarifying the question. This text is shown in the details view of the question.

If you do not want a question or message you create to be shown directly under the Dialogue-button in the app but instead to be placed in a folder, then select to create a folder or sort it under an existing folder created for a previous question. If you want it to be shown directly under the Dialogue-button, keep the Top Level option.

Access code
You can choose to restrict who is able to get access to view or answer a question. This is done by creating an access code that must first be entered to see all the details. Remember that everyone who is in an event can view the Title; that field is not hidden by the usage of an access code – everything else is.

Publish To
The most common action is to Publish to all (everyone at the event) and then nothing else needs to be done under this section. But if you have created Interests under Participants, or used Participant Segmentation you will have the possibility of sending Dialogue-messages/questions targeting different types of participants by using a filter (Select Audience). The filtering works so you can create one or more filters and then select to publish the Dialogue item using the filter.

More information can be found under the respective topics if you are interested in using this functionality. Alternatively, you can contact MeetApp directly for a more detailed explanation.

If you want a message to appear as a push notification in the participants’ mobile phones, select Send a push when publishing.

For all types of questions (not including Information Message), the following selections can also be performed:

Show answers in phone
This enables the responses to be presented as a graph. This is shown in your phone in the details view for the question so all participants can see what others have responded.

Only allow users to respond once
Valid for choice questions and single text choice questions. If set to true the participant can't edit their response.

Make users anonymous when answering questions – This hides participant information and makes the responses anonymous.