The responses from participants can either be viewed as texts or as a graph with the multiple-choice questions.

Once responses start rolling in you can find them under each question and they are updated continuously. By clicking on a question and then scrolling down, you can find all the answers. If you want to view the answers on a big screen answers, you have some different alternatives under Live feedback.

Text based questions
For text based question responses you have the following display options:

Live feedback
Opens a full screen view that you can project on an projector or a moderator tablet. All responses are shown in real time. This view is updated as soon as a new response comes in.

Discuss selected
Here you can decide which responses are to be displayed on the big screen. To see this option displayed in the view, you have to have received at least one response. To choose which answers/questions to display select Display . The questions will be displayed individually and you can scroll through them using the arrows

Word cloud
Renders a full screen word cloud of all the responses to your question.

Poll based questions
This question family provides the following display options:

Display of chart
Opens a full screen chart, there are several different style options to chose from.