Click on Create New in the social media section.

Define a title for your feed, and then choose the kind of social media source you want to integrate.

· Blog/RSS: Here you can add a news feed in the form of an RSS

· Twitter: Support hashtags and user feeds. For using a hashtag enter #[desiredtag] for user enter @[username].

· Facebook: Here you can type in a Facebook page and then the participants can see the latest updates from Facebook. Enter the Page ID for your Facebook page. The Page ID is located in the “About” tab on your Facebook page.

To edit an existing feed, click on it and then select Edit in the top right corner.

To delete an existing feed, select Social Media and then Delete to the right of the point you wish to delete.

Note: By default the social media posts will appear in CET time, you can change this by defining a time zone offset. If you want the time stamps to be in your event time zone set the offset of your event timezone from CET (for example -6 for ET or +2 for CET).