Social media is a fantastic tool for creating dialogue, allowing everyone to be seen. However, some information is not ideal for public visibility - that's where the Activity Feed comes into the picture.

The Activity Feed is a private social media experience. Containing a social flow of images and comments directly inside the event.

All event participants can use it to share pictures and status updates with the other participants at the event. Participants can like and comment on other participants posts.

Your participants grabs tons of good pictures, you as an administrator can publish these pictures directly from the Activity Feed admin panel into the Image Gallery of the App.

You can easily moderate undesired content from the admin panel.

Why not arrange a contest where the most liked post wins?

Administrative features:

Delete a post
Enter the Activity Feed, select Manage by the image, select Delete and the image will be removed.

Save an image to the image gallery
Choose Manage, select Promote to gallery, fill in a title and press Promote.