Under Participants you can choose to add participants either manually or upload several participants at once. Here you can add different interests in order to segment your participants, as well as upload personal information if you have that feature enabled. You can also choose to allow all participants to add themselves to the app or turn on the Mixed feature, where you can upload all participants while they can themselves update their own profile.

All the uploaded participants are listed and you can edit or delete them by clicking on the participant you wish to change.

To add one or more participants, select Add Participants. In the drop-down menu you can choose four different options: Create a new participant, Import participants from file, Add participant(s) from other events, or Add participants by email. If you want participants to add themselves then select Add Themselves under settings. If you choose this option, remember not to upload any list or import any participants, as this might create duplicates.

If you have the Eventbrite feature you can also sync your participant list directly from Eventbrite.