Select Import participants from file in the dropdown. Here you can upload several participants at the same time by uploading all contacts via an Excel file. After you click on Import participants from file, an information pop-up box will appear with instructions for how to proceed.

Follow the instructions to upload the template. A pre-requisite is that Microsoft Excel or an open source option must be used. It is important to use our excel template.

· Below the first point click on the green highlighted Click here to download the template where you can enter all the contacts. If the file is opened in your browser instead of being saved, right-click on the link or use the other alternatives to download the file. Open the file in Excel. Depending on your version of Excel you might need to click on the “Activate editing” button before you can type in any information. Enter details about each participant on separate rows. The order is: “First name”, “Last name”, “Company”, “Email address”, “Phone number” and “About”.

· Save the file as usual; you should not need to do anything specific with the file. If you cannot save the file as it is you need to go to the menu option and select “File/Save As.”

· Upload and save the file by clicking on Import. When this is done, a list will appear with all the information that was successfully uploaded.

Optional steps
Depending on your app configuration you might be asked the following questions:

- For existing participants (determined by email) you have the ability to override existing participant data or to link the data already in the system.

- For existing participants that has defined field values for fields that are empty in your import file, you have the ability to choose if you want to keep those field values as is or override with empty values.