This feature allows you to create questions inside your program items. 

You create a new evaluation by clicking Create new question, under the Session questions tab. 

Here you select if the participants will select one of the options you created (Polling) or if they can send their own worded response (Text feedback). Then you create your question (and options, if using Polling)

When you are finished with your question, decide whether you want it to appear on all program items (Apply to all Program Items) or if you want it to appear only on a specific or a certain number of program items (Apply to selected Program Items).

Once a question is created a link will be created where the results can be viewed and managed. You can view the results/responses by clicking view results
This link can easily be shared with presenters and speakers, granting them access to the results without granting them access to the whole admin system.

The link also has an expiration date to give access for limited time. At the expiration date, the link will no longer be active but can always be opened again by extending the expiration date.