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Under the "Registration questions" tab is where you manage and set up all your registration fields. The fields are divided into standard and custom questions. 

Standard questions

Since the system needs to know who has registered, the "First name", "Last name" and "Email" fields are all required fields by default. 

For the remaining fields, you can decide whether or not they should be enabled (using the blue toggle button) "Required" and if, when enabled, the information should show in the participant profile in the app using the "Display in app" checkbox. 

Custom questions

If you need to collect any additional information during registration you can do so by setting up your own custom fields by clicking the "Add a field" button.

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MeetApp Invite currently supports three different question types, each with its own optional settings; "Text", "Single choice (Dropdown)" and "Multiple choice (Checkboxes)". 

Limit quantity for each choice

For single and multiple-choice questions you have the option to limit the number of acceptances for each alternative. Enter the quantity for each option or select "Unlimited". 

If an option is no longer available, the invitee will see a "Selected option is no longer available." message and the option will be disabled and non-selectable.

Optional settings

Depending on the field type, you have a few additional and optional settings for each question. 

You can set the field to "Required" or not, automatically include the question and response in the participant "My information" and/or let the system automatically set up and assign the participant to "Groups" (the feature found under Participants > Groups). 

Once done setting up your registration fields, click the blue "Update" button in the top right corner in order for your changes to reflect on the registration page.