The newly updated and improved Program section makes it easier to create and manage your program.

The program list will always be visible on the left hand while the right side contains the working window. This gives you a better overview and easier management over your program.

By selecting multiple program items you can perform bulk actions such as changing the time and/or date of multiple program items, adding tags, editing or adding icons, and more. Read more about bulk editing in Editing items/Bulk editing.

The new Program section also features notifications of changes made in the Program section, giving you a history of changes and additions made by you and other admins.
Once you save, that action will add to the notifications list and will be performed in the background so you can continue to work without having to wait for it to complete.

Evaluation questions can now be added to individual program items.

You also have the option of switching back to the old view with Switch to Classic View.