If you have the Eventbrite feature activated (check Event settings) you have the ability to sync participants from existing Eventbrite events.

To get started:

1) Click on "Sync with Eventbrite"
2) Follow the steps for logging in to your eventbrite account
3) Select the event that you want to sync participants from in the dropdown.
4) Press Sync.

The following list of fields are supported and automatically imported on each participant in MeetApp:
• First name
• Last name
• Email address (required for tickets and “My information” to work in MeetApp)
• Company
• Job title
• Website

Additional fields can be used during the registration process, but the responses will not be visible in MeetApp.

If you have defined custom questions during the Eventbrite sign up these questions are imported as "My information" (assuming My information is activated on the event).

Working with tickets
Tickets are automatically imported and displayed in app if the event is defined as "require ticket" on event settings. These tickets can be scanned with the Eventbrite scanner.