Surveys allows you to create a series of dialogue questions.

To create a survey click the "Create new survey" button on the Dialogue home screen for your event.

On the "Create survey" page provide a title for your survey, this is the title that will be displayed in under the dialogue section of the app.

Once you assigned a title you can add any number of questions (and information screens) to your survey using the "Add item" button.

Additional survey settings

Allows you to put the survey inside a dialogue folder, by default the survey is visible in the root of the dialogue app section.

Access code
Allows you to restrict survey access for users that knows the access code.

Make user anonymous when answering questions
Controls if users are anonymous or not while responding to the survey, if they are anonymous it will be indicated in the app.

Publish to
Publish the survey to every one at the event or a specific group of users (based on interests or participant segment belonging).

Send a push when publishing
If selected the users will receive a push notification once the survey is published. Each survey will result in just one push notification (regardless of the number of questions in the survery). The title of the survey will be the content of the notification.