MeetApp allows you to declare and assign groups to participants.

The groups are declared under the "Groups" tab. You can create any number of groups.

After setting up the groups you can select one or more participants using the checkboxes on the left side of the participant row.

Once your selection is complete click the "Assign to group" button on top of the list. In the following pop up window select the group for which you want to assign the set of selected participants to and click "Assign" to complete the action.

Publishing Dialogue items to a specific participant group

When creating dialogue items it's possible to select to publish them only for participants that are members of a specific group.

Under "Publish to" choose "Select audience". If it's the first time you assign your audience you need to create a new filter.

Click "Create new filter". On the filter dialogue, assign a name to your filter and select the group for which the filter applies. Click on Save.

You now have a reusable filter that targets the specified group.