To create a new event, press the blue button Create new event.
Event name: Fill in the event name

Department: If you have the function Department, then you, as the app administrator, will have the possibility to choose which department the event should belong to. You do not have access to this function if you do not have the feature turned on, if you are a departmental administrator or if you have a lower access level.

Event Visibility: Here you have to power to decide what visibility your event should have.
Public event means that the event is visible to anyone who has the app.
Private event means that you must enter a code to view the event in the app. You may choose a code yourself or generate a code in the app. If you choose to make the event private, participants will need to enter your code to enter the event.                                               Require event ticket Assign tickets to whitelist participants, only granting access to participants with a ticket. No other participantss will be able to see or interact with the event, without beeing having a ticket. This allows you to control who can access the event. (This requires Confimed email.)

Once you have filled in all the information, press Next, upon which the event is created and you are automatically directed to the Settings of the events. Here you can adjust all the settings for the event.

If you click on Manage next to an event, you can choose to copy an event, delete an event, or export dialogue results.